Terms and conditions

Attention: Terms&Conditions section contains important information about costume rent

  1. Renting a costume requires presentation of a valid ID with current address
  2. If the Customer’s registered address is not respectively in Warsaw or Bydgoszcz (depending on the studio), the client is required to pay a reimbursable fee on the day of renting a costume. The fee is set out by our employee on the date of rent individually for each costume.
  3. Costumes for adults are bookable all year, including telephone booking
  4. Costumes for children are bookable all year with the exception of the Carnival period
  5. The basic fee for costume rent is calculated basing on a „Studio rent day”, which means that the costume is taken a day before the event and returned a day after the event until 6.00 p.m. The exception is the Carnival period, when the costume must be returned to the Studio the next day between 10.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m (the Studio’s two first business hours).
  6. The pictures of sample costumes can be found on the information boards of the Studio as well as on our website. Whether any of the costumes is actually on stock at any given moment must be confirmed by a Studio employee, personally or on the phone
  7. Costume booking is accepted by the Studio when a Studio employee confirms the fact of accepting the booking
  8. Discounts are given solely on the basis of loyalty card, presented on renting of a costume.
  9. The Studio accepts group orders
  10. On group orders, there is an additional discount, set out individually by a Studio employee for each order.
  11. If an educational institution or a company expresses their will of a group order, they should present the original of a document that can be downloaded from our website [ HERE ] or personally in our Studio, on the day of rent
  12. If the Customer is unable to present the official document on the day of rent, the order will not be fulfilled.
  13. The date of return of costumes is communicated clearly at the moment of renting and is set out on his Return Card.
  14. Should a Customer wish to extend the rent of a costume, they must immediately inform Studio employee about this fact before the expiration of date set out on the Return Card.
  15. In case when the Customer does not return a costume before rent date expiration, an additional fee will be added amounting to additional rent times the delay period
  16. The Studio confirms that there are no hidden faults in the costumes and that they are in good conditions, allowing for direct use, which is confirmed by the Customer’s acceptance of a rented costume on the day of rent
  17. The Customer agrees to use the costumes according to their intended use, and not to introduce any changes to them without a consent of a Studio employee. The Customer is fully responsible, both legally and materially, for the costumes until the moment of return
  18. The Customer agrees to return the costumes in exactly the same condition as rented, without any wear or tear marks
  19. The client bears the financial responsibility for any damage to costumes or add-ons above the normal wear level
  20. The fee for destroying or damaging beyond repair of a costume ranges from PLN 10.00 (ten Polish zloty) for simple add-ons to PLN 5000.00 (five thousand Polish zloty) and is estimated by a Studio employee on the date of returning of a costume, after a condition check performed in the presence of the Customer
  21. It is forbidden to wash, iron or introduce changes to the costumes
  22. The customers agrees to return the costumes without washing. The cost of any damage resulting from the washing is borne by the Customer
  23. Should a returned costume be dirty beyond normal wear, the Customer agrees to cover the cost of laundry of PLN 30.00 (thirty Polish zloty) to PLN 100.00 (one hundred Polish zloty) per costume, as defined by a Studio employee on the day of return of costumes
  24. By renting a costume the Customer agrees to follow all the Terms&Conditions stipulated herein, with all consequences
  25. These Terms&Conditions are fully available at the Theatre Costume Studio “Aladyn” in Warsaw at Grójecka street 70a, and in Bydgoszcz at Wańkowicza street 1/14, as well as on our website www.aladyn.waw.pl






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