Frequently Asked Questions

YES – Only an adult with full legal liability can rent a costume after presenting ID with photo. An underage person can rent a costume without a guardian only by leaving a refundable deposit, which is determined individually for the given costume. We do not accept authorizations written by parents for children.

When renting it is necessary to present a valid ID with the photo in the original such as ID card, driving license, passport. We do not accept photos and photocopies of the document.

NO – no deposit is charged when renting a costume if the customer is an adult and presents his valid ID with photo.

YES – when renting props a refundable deposit is determined individually by the employee in the amount of approximate value of the given item. The amount can range from 10 to several hundred zlotys PLN. Not reduced amount is returned to the customer when prop is returned on time and is inits original state.

Costume can be rented for any time period, however, it is related to increase in the rental price. Basic rental for so-called Studio rent day includes costume reception the day before the event and
return the day after, during opening hours. Rental period does not include the days when ALADYN Rentals is closed e.g. rental on Friday has the deadline for returning on Monday. Each rental for
periods not provided on the price list is valued individually.

YES – most of the year we provide reservation option for all costumes. It can be done well in advance. The exact reservation rules can be found in RESERVATION tab. Individual
reservation can be made by phone or in person. We do not provide reservations for children costumes only during Carnival period (from New Year’s Eve to Mardi Gras).

It may sound strange but only because of our respect for the customers and their children. During Carnival period we are not able to monitor costumes movement due to its high volumes and the fact that they are not always returned at the time agreed. It is a point of honor for us to guarantee the customer what he reserved and geared to. It is possible to reserve costumes beyond Carnival period. In the intensified Carnival period, we do not have such technical possibilities. We are familiar with situations when the customer reserved a costume somewhere and at the time of receipt he received information that unfortunately the costume is not available. Such situations are unacceptable for us.

First of all please visit SIZES tab. n case of any issues, please contact us directly. We will do our best to help you determine the size as accurately as possible and thus properly choose the costume.

NO – When renting, the customer signs responsibility for the property entrusted to him and confirms this fact with his own signature. The value of our costumes is very high. In some cases, e.g. baroque dresses, the price reaches even several thousand zlotys PLN. Therefore, we cannot afford this type of cooperation. Costumes rented by mail order are usually of little value.

The employee of ALADYN Rentals assesses destruction at the time of return and calculates the amount to cover the damage. Each damage is priced individually for a specific situation. Due to the
high quality of our products and, hence, the durability of fabrics, these types of situations are quite rare. However, if they happen, the cost is usually not more than 50 zlotys PLN. Nevertheless, we do not exclude situations that are more serious.

At the time of rental, the customer signs responsibility for the clothes entrusted to him. In the case of costume lost, the customer is obliged to cover the costs related to it and pay the equivalent of lost items. In case of whole costumes, these amounts may reach several thousand zlotys PLN. In case of props – from several to several hundred zlotys. The employee of the rental assesses the loss at the time of return.

In case of rental period extension, an additional fee will be charged at the time of return, accordingly with the price list. If customer does not return the costume for long time and there is no possibility to contact the customer – such event will be reported to the police as appropriation of property.

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