Reservations for children and adults

Individual Reservation:

In ALADYN Costume Rentals there is a possibility to book a costume for both – child and an adult. Reservation is possible at any time in advance.

We do not book costumes for children during the Carnival period (from New Year`s Eve to Mardi Gras).

To make a reservation, please contact us in person or by phone at the following phone numbers::


+22 659 77 35
+602 311 66


+52 344 35 33
+506 804 432

The reservation is accepted only after clear confirmation of this fact by ALADYN employee.

When making reservation, please provide the exact date of the event, your name and contact phone number. During special events such as New Year`s Eve, in order to make a reservation, you must pay a deposit determined by ALADYN employee. The return of the deposit is possible only until the date individually specified for particular event by rentals employee. After this date your deposit will not be refunded.

Before making a phone reservation (without fitting), please carefully check the sizeaccording to the guidelines in the tab.

Group Reservation:

Download Group-reservation document pdf icon

It is possible to reserve costumes for a full cast of the spectacle/event. In such case, we select costumes according to the size specification given by the client – please refer to SIZES tab. If it is not possible to try the costumes on the spot, the customer is responsible for the incorrect size specification.

Reservations for larger groups can also be made by email:


The condition for accepting group reservations is the reception of costumes by one authorized person on the date agreed with ALADYN rentals.

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